Live Events

Capturing your event on video can open it up to a global crowd.

From real-time live streaming to fast turnaround highlights filmed, edited and published the same day. We can mobilise quickly and amplify your event capturing every key moment.
Of course, there’s nothing like being there. But recent rapid advancements in streaming technology mean it’s now possible to inform a worldwide audience from a single room. Put more bums on more seats than you ever imagined through the unrivalled reach of video.


At BTV, we know how to put people at ease and capture your event as if the cameras weren’t even there. We move in the shadows to get your best side and all of your best bits. From trade shows to sporting events, training sessions to panel discussions, award presentations to virtual conferences.

Trust us to turn your live event into a digital happening where the audience can be in the room or on the other side of the globe. On a beach. With a Martini. Nice.



Where is your audience? How should we reach them? Whether it’s a simple upload to YouTube or a secure live global stream, we know the tech inside-out to showcase your event to the right crowd in the best locations for you.

Production specifications can be very detailed or run-and-gun type stuff. From single aspect to complex multi-camera set-ups with live vision mix and direction, BTV has it covered.

Behind the Scenes
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